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Tobin James Mueller is the co-founding author/director of the internationally recognized CenterStage Children's Theatre Troupe and its library of wonderful musicals. In 1994, he was inducted into the United Nations’ Global 500 Roll of Honor for his work with children and the environment worldwide. The Troupe has also been awarded the 1994 Wisconsin Association of Environmental Educators’ Earthguard Award and the 1993 Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s Environmental Excellence Award. His youth musical To Save the Planet has been performed over 400 times in seven countries. Tobin is also the founder and editor of ArtsForge. He has written ten musicals and is currently working on his eleventh (Runners In A Dream). He has also written dramas, ballets, symphonies, lyrics to over 200 songs, a series of works for children, and has contributed to nearly every ArtsForge Collaborative Project

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Available Recordings by Tobin James Mueller
in association with ArtsForge

Pilgrim Village
songs of passage and change
(a work in progress)

Dreams & Promises
the Manhattan years

I Will Love
love songs
of unstable truth

What Survives
collaborative Jazz
Silent Sun Quintet

Holy Land
songs written following September 11, 2001

the best of Tobin's Instrumentals & Film Music

online collaborations of the ArtsForge Collective (ongoing)

Best of CenterStage
compilation of Tobin's music for youth
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An artist and entrepreneur in many fields, Tobin is an award-winning composer, playwright, lyricist, author, digital artist, director and producer. He has been a member of the Dramatist Guild since 1996. He's also written two novels, two works of nonfiction, several collections of poetry, two symphonies, a ballet, and a series of children's musicals. In 1994, he was inducted into the United Nations’ 1994 Global 500 Roll of Honor for his work with youths and the environment worldwide.

Tobin is co-founding a unique non-profit arts endowment organization, ArtsNexus, devoted to awarding monetary grants to new and established performing artists. ArtsNexus will also serve to assist new artists in the successful completion of their visions and will help connect artists interested in collaborative projects through shared expertise and financial assistance.

A native of Wisconsin, Tobin has served as past president of the Wisconsin Theatre Association - Children’s Theatre Division and was a Wisconsin Arts Board Artist from 1989-93. Among the awards received by his internationally recognized CenterStage Children's Theatre Troupe are the 1994 Wisconsin Association of Environmental Educators’ “Earthguard Award” and the 1993 Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s “Environmental Excellence Award”. His youth musical “To Save the Planet” has been performed over 400 times in seven countries.

As an outgrowth of his experimental online arts community,, Tobin has collaborated with dozens of artists in creating everything from computer game software ( Xianu Override) to online illustrated novels (including Dreamless and The Power of 10). ArtsForge Galleries continue to display the best art on the web.

Tobin was living in downtown Manhattan on September 11, 2001. He has transformed this exprience into a lyrical music oddessey, Holy Land, a 15-track CD, and recorded his experiences in the acclaimed Journal from the Street, which also includes original photography. He has produced a double jazz CD, "What Survives?", a reinterpretation of the music from his off Broadway show, “Creature,” a collaborations with Artsforge musicians. He is also working on a CD of jazz, classical, and folk musicians crossing over into progressive rock with the group SILENT SUN; and several other cross-genre musical collaborations. In collaboration with Dave Matthews, Tobin is planning an MP3 online project that will build a song using submissions from musicians across the web.

Tobin attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Marquette University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying musical composition, physics and journalism. As an entrepreneurial artist, he has founded several companies and continues to spend a great deal of his time encouraging new artist to cross traditional boundaries and collaborate on innovative multi-genre projects.

Tobin also webmasters the following sites: CenterStage Musicals;
The Paper Industry International Hall of Fame, M-Lab, SoundSolutions and many others.

Tobin James Mueller's Major Works:

2004: Pilgrim Village , CD of new music about transition and exploration
Runners In A Dream , musical drama set in the Holocaust
(music by TJM; book & lyrics by TJM & Randyl Appel).

2003: Dreams & Promises, Music Collection -14 track CD of musical ballads and film songs.
Speechless, Music Collection - 9 track CD of instrumental music.

2002: I Will Love, Music Collection - 20 track CD of love songs.

2001: Holy Land, Music Collection -15 track CD inspired by 9/11.
Journal from the Streets, first-hand account of 9/11 and aftermath, plus photos.

Falling Past Love, Poetry Collection - a fall into passion and the climb out of loss.
What Survives, a jazz rendition of Creature themes, CD recording.

Ash, Poetry Collection - a juxtaposition of biblical allegories and personal confessions.
The Best of CenterStage, Music Collection -18 track CD of selected children's music.

1998: Creature, an alternative Frankenstein, musical° (libretto, lyrics, music by TJM).
Xianu Override, a computer space opera, available for Mac only (story, script by TJM).
ArtsForge, an online community of artists, composers, and writers.

1997: Creature - Equity Workshop, the Willoughby Theatre, NYC (libretto, lyrics, music by TJM).
1996: Creature, 2-act musical reading, the John Houseman Theatre, NYC
(music & lyrics by TJM, book by TJM & Richmond Shepard);
Frankenstein, the Man-Made Messiah, 2-act musical, Thirteenth Street Repertory Company, NYC.† °
1995: Robin Hood, 2-act musical, featuring new music and a rewritten script, toured by CenterStage.† °
1994: Freedom’s First Light, 2-act musical, the Thirteenth Street Repertory Company.
(music & lyrics by TJM, book by Ed Medina).†
Mickey Spleen Saves the Day, children’s swing era who-done-it musical about the human body,
Act II
1993: We Are the Ones, theme song of United Nations’Global Youth Forum &
Children's Alliance for Protection of the Environment°
1992: Frankenspell Superstar, 1-act musical drama, CenterStage.†
1991: Robin Hood & the Free People of the Forest, full length 1-act musical, toured by CenterStage.†
1990: To Save the Planet, children's musical about the environment†,
toured by
CenterStage/New Hope Productions,
winner of 4 national and international awards;
I Want to Know!, high school musical about the history of science & invention†, toured by
1989: Say "Yes!" to Life, junior high musical about drug abuse & peer support†, CenterStage/New Hope Productions;
The Sound of Money, children's musical about economics†,
1988: The Politics of Selfestness, essay, published in New Humanity, London, England.°
Danger, Dinosaurs!, children's musical about dinosaurs' evolution & extinction†,
CenterStage/Classic Arts;
Music of the Planets, children's musical about the planets, asteroids, & sun†,
CenterStage/Moorehead University.
1987: The New Age Politics, political philosophy text, Amherst Press
Nurturing Childhood, parenting column published by Lakesider Magazine
1986: Man or God - The Source of Meaning in the Modern Age, philosophical text.°
1985: The Diary of a Househusband, autobiographical domestic humor.°
1983: Sweet Liberty, song performed at the Statue of Liberty Re-dedication
1982: Born the Dolphin, a novel, modern fiction.°
Sonnets, collection of poetry.°
1980: From Where the Sun Now Stands, historical fiction, Indian History of Nez Perce
1979: Pindar's Ode, contemporary ballet commissioned by & performed at University of WI-Milwaukee
1978: Lustre, first collection of poems.°
1977: Symphony for Band, performed at Lawrence University
1974: From the Creation, avant-garde drama performed by Odyssey Playhouse
1973: Find the Cost, surreal drama performed by the Samuel Pickard Theater

Holy Land, Music Collection -15 track CD inspired by 9/11, © 2001.^
Dreams & Promises, Music Collection -14 track CD of musical ballads and film songs, © 2001.^
Speechless, Music Collection - 9 track CD of instrumental music, © 2001.^
What Survives, jazz renditions of Creature themes, © 1998-99, 2000.^
Mickey Spleen Saves the Day, swing-jazz children’s musical soundtrack recording, © 1994.†
Celebrate Earth, CenterStage Compilation audiocassette recording, © 1993.^
Frankenspell Superstar, the Tale of a Man-Made Messiah, musical drama soundtrack recording, © 1992.†
Robin Hood and the Free People of the Forest, musical drama soundtrack recording, © 1992.†
To Save the Planet, musical drama soundtrack recording, © 1991.†
I Want to Know!, musical comedy soundtrack recording, © 1990.†
Say "Yes!" to Life, musical drama soundtrack recording, © 1989.†
The Sound of Money, educational musical soundtrack recording, © 1989.†
Danger, Dinosaurs!, musical comedy soundtrack recording, © 1989.†
Music of the Planets, educational operetta soundtrack recording, © 1988.†

*All music, lyrics, text & musical direction by Tobin James Mueller.
^Produced by Tobin James Mueller. All other recordings produced by Center Stage Productions.
†Copyrights by Center Stage Productions Corporation. °Copyrights by Tobin James Mueller.
†Joint ownership: White Wolf Productions and Center Stage Productions. Music & lyrics © CSP; book © WWP.

Additional Titles:
United Nations’ Global 500 Roll of Honour, laureate, 1994.
CenterStage Children’s Theatre Troupe, founder and director, 1988 to present.
Wisconsin Association of Environmental Educator’s
“Earthguard Award”, 1993.
Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s
“Environmental Excellence Award”, 1994.
Wisconsin Theatre Association, president, children's theatre division, 1989-90.
Wisconsin Arts Board,
Artist-in-resident, 1989 to 1993.
Top Ten Digital Artists Award winner, 1999 highest vote getter.
Bryce Forum Select Gallery Award Winner 1998-1999.
DigiFad 10 Ten Award, 2000.
Digital Paint Award, 1999.

Web Design Awards:
Mind Tour Award of Excellence, 2000.
Visionary Award, 2000.
Webdancer's Pick, 1999.
Digital Waterfall's
"Spotlight Award", October 1999.
"Best of the Best" Softwind Design Award, 1998.
"Killer Site Award", 1999.
Digital Artworks Award, 1999.
The Art & Ramble Award, 1999.
The Information Revolution Award, 1999.

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